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Having ridden in the Amy Gillett Foundation’s “Share the Road Tour” for the past 3years, Body Torque’s founder Felicity Dales, became immersed in supporting the
foundation’s vision of zero bike-related fatalities. And riding regularly on the road, she’s super conscious about being seen to ride safely.

This immersion evolved into a community project that Felicity took on 3 years ago to capture stories of tragedy, camaraderie, inspiration and all that is cycling life
and culture. So the “Beyond the Yellow Jersey” book project was born and is dedicated to passionate cyclists who love bunch riding with a group of friends,
colleagues or family members.

Proceeds from this book go to the Amy Gillett Foundation contributing to better awareness for cycling safety. Beyond the Yellow Jersey makes the perfect gift to
anyone who loves getting out on a bike and who wants to contribute to the Amy Gillett Foundation at the same time.

Buy the book and donate to a great cause.


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Story Snapshots:

“This picture I think captures how some female riders may have felt ‘in the dark' or apprehensive to go riding on their own or approach a local bike group to riding with.”
Story: I’m Helen


“...we treasure the camaraderie that forms when riding with diverse  group of individuals who readily offer advice, encouragement and support.”
Story: Barwon Heads Cycle Club


“When he first started he weighed approximately 140kg...and within a year [of riding] he lost 50kg and was able to wear Lycra...”
Story: Keiran Bailey

“It takes more than broken bones, a broken bike and broken brain to keep a true cyclist down...”
Story: Can’t Keep a True Cyclist Down


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