Body Torque Portal

About the Body Torque Team Portal

Are you sick and tired of chasing your Team members when wanting to place an order of Custom Team gear? Are you worn-out by chasing sizes or money for payments? The Body Torque ‘Team Portal’ will take away all of this stress and work from placing an order on your own. As your team members will be able to directly place and pay for their order online through your personalized Body Torque ‘Team Portal’.

The Body Torque ‘Team Portal’ allows you to host your Customised Designed Apparel from our ‘Full Custom’ or ‘Semi Custom – Design your own’ services. You can also choose from any of Body Torque’s garments and ranges, like our Classic, Pro Euro or Triathlon Ranges. The great thing is that your team page is available 24/7 so ordering and reordering your corporate team, club and group/team items has never been easier!

7 Easy Steps to Creating your Body Torque Team Portal

  1. Contact Body Torque and speak with our friendly staff to see about organising your team portal. You can either call us on (03) 5256 2431 or email us at
  2. Please have ready the following information in order for Body Torque to properly guide and quote you on your specific needs:

    - Name
    - Contact details
    - Team/Company Name
    - Approximate Quality
    - Desired garment/s
    - Event Date
    - Plus any other questions you may have

  3. Body Torque will then work with you to create your desired ‘Full Custom’ design or feel free to use our ‘3D Semi Custom’ platform to design your own.
  4. Once your Artwork has been approved and information in regards to your needs has been sorted, Body Torque will then move onto the creation of your ‘Team Portal’.
  5. You will be setup as the ‘Team Portal’ Manager or Organiser. A password and link to the ‘Team Portal’ will be sent to your team/group/colleagues for them to purchase their new team gear.
  6. The ‘Team Portal’ will remain open for the designated time as arranged. The order will go into production and will take approximately 4-6 weeks, once the ‘Team Portal’ has closed.
  7. Once your order arrived to us, the order will be dispatched to the designated location. If multiple locations are required this can be arranged in consultation with us in the setup process.