Overview - Custom Team Gear

Body Torque specialises in producing Custom Team Gear for small groups of 5 to Large Event orders and everything in between!

We love working with you to Create your “Team Identity” for you to enjoy the Comraderie experienced whilst training or participating in an Event!

Our aim is to support you through the Process of Creating your Custom Team Gear so it will be hassle free and as streamlined for you as possible,
so you can concentrate on what you choose to do – whether that’s training more, fundraising, being with the family, working or simply having fun.

We work with Teams, Clubs, Corporates, Event Organisers and Occasionally a Bucks Party celebrations or Birthday Celebrations to name a few.

Digital Printing allows finer detailed designs & complex designs with fades to be produced as well as the use of Photos if required expanding the
choice and variety available. This enables you to have a subtle design, a fun or outlandish design, a corporatized branded design or pretty much
whatever you choose. This flexibility also allows you to have as many colours as you like as well as Logo’s without being penalised on price.

The Custom Team Gear range has Womens & Mens styles/cuts,  Specific Womens & Mens Chamois &  Accessories that can be co-ordinated to
complement the rest.

There are different options to fit within your budget. Don’t hesitate to ask us what they are.

From the Quote, Design, Samples posted, order received and Order Delivered, we will do our BEST to guide you and support you all the way to
completion and beyond, so that you will enjoy wearing your Custom Team Gear and #Liveit.

7 Steps for your Custom Team Gear

  1. Ask/Request/Get a Quote and submit your inquiry on our Custom Team Gear Page Here.
  2. A quote will be sent to you, if any details need clarifying, we will be in touch with you to confirm
  3. Whilst you are waiting for Sponsors, Budget approval, Co-ordinating other aspects, we can begin working on a Design Brief with you
  4. Size Samples are sent out to try on and confirm sizing from (or otherwise specify from referring to our size chart)
  5. Design is approved along with sizes confirmed , order placed & the deposit is due to be paid
  6. Order placed with Production – delivery 4-6 weeks
  7. Balance paid & the Order is Delivered