About Body Torque

Felicity Dales founded Body Torque in 1986. It is based in Ocean Grove, Victoria, a coastal town that is near the famous Great Ocean Rd coastline of

Australia and the home of some other iconic Australian brands such as Rip Curl and Quicksliver.

Felicity recognised the need for bicycle apparel that incorporated  personality with style, quality & fit using the latest high-tech fabrics to enhance every

athletes performance and enjoyment of their sport. This also involved developing and supplying a range for women that was Athletic and Sporty not just

a general one-size-fits-all approach.

Body Torque flourished and manufactured everything in-house involving every aspect – our own chamois, screen printing evolving into Digital Sublimation

Printing, Cutting and sewing.  We grew and progressed into providing Custom Team Gear for Events, Corporates, Clubs & Teams that continues to expand


After manufacturing for 22 years, the business moved offshore, whereby the Production Facility is now based in China. Body Torque works closely with

our team to continue to develop and deliver quality bicycle apparel at the most affordable, reasonable price possible. We now include our custom design

and free postage in every order, to offer the best deal custom cycling clothing available to our customers

Our Focus is to create an easy process to deliver a Quality Garment. We want you to have a rewarding experience in every aspect from the Design,

the Customer Service, the Quality & Performance plus have Fun along the way.